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9781847350732 - REACH EUROPE 2008 - Buch


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9781847350732 (?) bzw. 1847350739

, in Deutsch, iSmithers Rapra Publishing, neu
Fr. 188,22 ( 160,00)¹(unverbindlich)
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REACH, (Regulation, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals is one of the most important pieces of Producer Responsibility legislation to impact the European chemical industry and its supply chains. The legislation not only has major ramifications for chemical manufacturers, it also affects materials formulators and even end users of chemical products. REACH is changing the way many chemical products are manufactured and used and the legislation is likely to mean that some critical specialty materials will no longer be available. Complying with the requirements of REACH will be a costly and time-consuming exercise. The REACH Europe 2008 Conference in Antwerp was specifically developed to inform all those impacted by REACH of the current status of the legislation and the developing requirements to enable REACH compliance in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Key themes will included; * Has REACH impacted the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry? * Has there been a disproportionate burden on SMEs? * Has REACH proved a barrier to innovation? * What testing is required and how is this being exchanged and submitted? * Will REACH provide the basis for other similar legislation outside Europe?   All 19 technical papers presented at this conference are included in these conference proceedings and include:   SESSION 1    CURRENT STATUS OF REACH Paper 1       The European Chemicals Agency: state of play (missions, achievements and challenges, Johan Nouwen, ECHA, Finland Paper 2       The time is now: the current status and next steps, Andrew Fasey, The REACH Centre (TRC Ltd), UK, PTK Ltd, UK   SESSION 2    MATERIALS AND FORMULATION Paper 3       Flame retardant industry and REACH: preparation and coalition time, Dr Sander Kroon, Supresta Netherlands BV, Netherlands Paper 4       Opportunities for new substances in Europe, Dr Jan Backmann, Ciba Inc, Switzerland SESSION 3    SUPPLY CHAIN IMPLICATIONS Paper 5       The impact of REACH on non-EU supply chains, 1. The importers perspective   2. The non-EU perspective by Japanese industry, Dr Regina Döller, Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH & Nobumasa Arashiba, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc, Japan Paper 6        The impact of REACH on a global paint company serving many sectors, Dr Peter Oldring, The Valspar Corporation (UK) Ltd Paper 7       REACH for article manufactuers: a systematic approach to managing product and supply chain risks, John Fox, Synapsis Technology, USA Paper 8       REACH and articles: a view from the IT industry, Michael Seidel, Hewlett-Packard, Germany   SESSION 4    SYSTEMS, PROCEDURE & TESTING Paper 9       Managing uncertainty: REACH to RIP, Dr Steffen Erler, Smithers Rapra, UK Paper 10     Impact of REACH on business processes - a case study on how business application can support REACH compliance efficiently and timely, Marko Lange, SAP AG, Germany Paper 11     The reality of REACH: the IT puzzle, Aad van Keulen & Clarine Sieger, Atrion International Inc, Canada Paper 12     Consortia planning and SIEFs, Paul Ashford, Caleb Management Services Ltd, UK  Paper 13     Data sources, capture, sharing and submission, Dr Derek J Knight, SafePharm Laboratories Ltd, UK Paper 14     The effect of REACH in commercial contracts, Brian E. Harris, Nottingham Law School, UK Paper 15     REACH testing requirements: organization of your testing scheme, Dr Wolf G.Heil, Springborn Smithers Laboratories, Switzerland   SESSION 5: CASE STUDIES Paper 16    REACH-an aerospace approach to the business issues, Andrew Page, Rolls-Royce plc                       +++ PAPER UNAVAILABLE AT TIME OF PRINT +++ Paper 17   Swimming downstream - getting ready for REACH in the oil & gas industry, N.L.Robinson, BMT Cordah Ltd & G.C. Graham, Maersk Oil North Sea UK Ltd, UK Paper 18   How the electrical sector is complying with REACH, Chris Robertson, ERA Technology Ltd, UK Paper 19    The impact of the REACH regulation on formulators, Dr Herman Onusseit, Henkel KGaA, Germany
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ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 1-84735-073-9, 978-1-84735-073-2


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